BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

        BAF Shaheen College Dhaka is a renowned educational institution, well-run by Bangladesh Air Force, under the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka. Amongst the present six Shaheens, this is one of the best. The college provides of education for the students from play-group to class XII. Providing education is not the only purpose of this college. One of the most important purposes of this college is to buildup educated, honest, healthy and above all patriotic citizens. The military advice of the college is ‘Education-Self restraint-Discipline’. All the actions done by the college have been designed with utmost sincerity to make those ethics true. Besides book-learning, the college has been maintaining the tradition of providing good opportunities of practising games, athletics, physical exercise, dance, music, recitation, debate and various crafts. From the beginners to the higher classes, the students are brought up in a congenial atmosphere of co-education. Each and every student of the college introduces him/herself as a ‘Shaheen’. Shaheen means Eagle having the nature of flying in the free sky at a high speed. Therefore, a Shaheen is a bird attaining salvation. He roams around with utmost courage, in such an environment which is pure, sinless, clean and embeds in free thinking. The objective this institution expects from a shaheen is one main content of this brochre. In fact, following the directions, described in this brochre, the students will find a convenient way to lead the future life-this is our strong belief.

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