Payment Guideline

You can pay using the following procedure

   [1] At first click on Student menu 

   [2] Student Log In screen will appear

[3] Enter student id and birth date in DD-MMM-YYYY format (eg. 01-Jan-2000) and press Log In

[4] If you for forgot student Id then click '* Forgot Student Id'. Then you will get the following screen:

[5] After successful Log In you will get the following payment page:

[6] To pay tution fee click on check box of related month sequentially and click 'Pay Now' button.

[7] Then the following page will open to confirm your payable amount:

[8] Click on paynow button to pay the bill:

[9] For successful transaction you will get the following message.

Pay With -

We are now connected with DBBL Nexus Payment gateway - 1st e-payment gateway in Bangladesh. Now you can pay your fees through the gateway. Please click on payment guideline to know payment procedure.